Cliff Mitchell - 14/12/2018

Wissage Bakehouse - EU funded project in Staffordhsire

Wissage Bakehouse

In summer 2018 a small bakery business in Staffordshire got off ground after receiving slice of EU funding.

Peter and Linda were able to launch their meat-based bakery brand after obtaining support from the Staffordshire Rural Enterprise Programme, which is funded by the EU.

Little Aston Farm, near Stafford, received a grant of £21,000 and set up The Wissage Bakehouse Limited, selling premium quality meat pies locally.

Peter said: “After finding ourselves in the situation of having to sell a large proportion of our land, the farm was no longer sustainable. We had a great idea for a new business, but the support from the county council in successfully applying for a Rural Enterprise Programme grant helped us turn it into a reality.”

Peter and Linda converted several redundant outbuildings at their farm and launched The Wissage Bakehouse, selling premium quality meat pies locally – including a range of flavoured pork pies and oven-ready pies.

Linda added: “We launched the business this summer. Our pies are going down well and we plan to expand the range and take on staff as we become established.”

The EU's European Regional Development Fund provided £5 million for Staffordshire. The programme is managed by Staffordshire County Council and the scheme ends in June 2019.
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